Ethical conduct

The Code of Ethics of Civil Servants (“Official Gazette”, No. 40/11 and 13/12) contains the rules of good behavior of civil servants towards citizens and in the mutual relations of civil servants, and prescribes the possibility of lodging a complaint on the unethical behavior of civil servants and the procedure regarding the filed complaint.

All compliments to the work of civil servants can be submitted to the e-mail address:

The deadline for solving is 60 days from the receipt of the complaint. If complainant has not received an answer within that time period or if considers the answer inappropriate, complainant may refer to the Ethics Committee, an independent body responsible for promoting ethical principles in the civil service.

Ethics Officer in Information Commissioners’ Office

Ina Volmut
Telephone: 01 4609 03


  • Code of Ethics of Civil Servants („Official Gazette“, No. 40/11 i 13/12)