Monitoring the implementation of the RAIA

The Information Commissioner monitors and analyzes the implementation of the Right to Access Information Act. To this end, it conducts research and expert analysis of the area of the right of access to information and the right to re-use information, including the analysis of international practice. The Commissioner also promotes and maintains a continuous co-operation with information officers in public authorities and establishes and maintains a register of information officers (list of public authorities) and keeps records of exclusive rights to reuse information.

The Commissioner defines the content and collects reports on the implementation of the Right of Access to Information Act from public authorities, and processes the received data. The collected and processed dana is included in the Annual Report on the Implementation of the Right of Access to Information Act submitted to the Croatian Parliament and in the report on the implementation of the PSI Directive to the European Commission. Also, the Information Commissioner regularly conducts and publishes analyses of the implementation of certain provisions of the Act for specific clusters of public authorities. Analyses are used to strengthen the quality of educational programs and to develop guidelines for law enforcement.

List of bodies of public authority

For the purpose of ensuring the application of the Right of Access to Information Act (OG 25/13, 85/15), the Information Commissioner has developed and published a List of Public Authorities.

The list also includes a registry of the information officers, which is established and maintained by the Commissioner pursuant to Article 13 of the Law.

The list contains the names and addresses of the public authorities, as well as their Internet site and contacts, as well as information about the information officers. The list is instructive, it does not exclude the existence of other public authorities, and it allows regular data changes.

The list is updated continuously, in real time, and contains updated information for approximately 6,000 public authorities.