Technical assistance in other countries

Upon strengthening its own capacities and establishing the institution as a protector and promoter of the right of access to information and the reuse of information, the Information Commissioner has started providing assistance aimed at strengthening the capacity of related institutions in other countries.

TAIEX technical assistance programs

TAIEX (Technical Assistance and Information Exchange) is a tool for technical assistance and information exchange between the European Commission to support public administration in the harmonization, implementation and implementation of EU legislation and in exchaning of best EU practices. The TAIEX program provedes appropriate short-term expertise to solve specific problems by holding workshops, organising of expert missions and study visits.

  • “Protection of Right of Access to Information and Instruments for Promotion and Monitoring” for the representatives of the Agency for Protection of Personal Data and Free Access to Information of Montenegro, 7 – 11 September 2015.

  • “Handling of Appeals according to the Right of Access to Information Act” for the representatives of the Commission for the Protection of the Right to Access to Public Information from Macedonia, 2-4. December 2015.

During the study vists, bilateral Memoranda of Understanding and Cooperation were signed between the Information Commissioner and respective institutions, setting out a framework for future cooperation and joint activities in several areas over a period of five years.

  • Taiex Workshop “Strengthening Capacity of the Commission for Access to Information”, Skopje, Macedonia, 18-19. April 2018..

  • Taiex Workshop “Right to Access Information” Podgorica, Montenegro, 12.-16. February 2018.

  • Taiex Workshop “Strengthening the Legal Framework for Access to Information”, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 6-9. February 2018.

  • Taiex radionica ‘Slobodni pristup javnim podacima’, Komisija za zaÅ¡titu prava na pristup javnim informacijama, Makedonija, 5. i 6. veljače 2015

  • Taiex Workshop “Application of the Legal Framework for the Right of Access to Information”, Agency for Personal of Personal Data and Free Access to Information”, Montenegro, 3-4. April 2017

OECD Sigma

The Information Commissioner provided technical assistance to the Information Commissioner of Albania in the period 2015- 2016. Within the project, workshops for information officers were held and a questionnaire for self-assessment of compliance with the law was developed.

  • Regional Conference “Free Access to Information – Regional Experiences and International Standards”, the Agency for Personal Data Protection Agency and Free Access to Information“, OESC Mission, Podgorica, Montenegro, 19th-20th. November 2015.

  • Conference “From Access to Information to Open Institutions: Application of the Law on Free Access to Information”, CDT and the British Embassy, Podgorica, Montenegro, November 27, 2015

  • UNODOC Regional Workshop on Access to Information “Promoting Transparency and Integrity in the MENA Region”, Tunisia, 13-14. June 2014.

  • Regional Conference on the implementation of the Law on Access to Information “Freedom of Public Information – Practices in Development in Western Balkan Countries”, Pristina, Kosovo, 17-18. September 2014.