Make your right to information

Educational-promotional materials were also developed for the purpose of improving the application of the Act on Access to Information Rights. In an effort to bring citizens, associations and media closer to the legislative framework and models of its effective use, as well as the context of the right of access to information, the Commissioner has prepared publications:


The application of the law on access to information

During a three-year follow-up of the application of the Right to Access to Information Act, it became evident that weak public awareness of the existence and insufficient use of the right of access to information by citizens, associations and media is one of the patterns for which the legal framework remains inadequately used, resulting in a lack of significant progress in the transparency of public authorities in general.

Public Relations

As a contribution to standardization in the implementation of the legal obligation to conduct public consultation at the local level, the Information Commissioner has prepared a Public Information Handbook for local and regional self-government units as well as a leaflet intended for users wishing to be involved in public consultations!

Ostvari svoje pravo na informaciju: Vodič za korisnike Zakona o pravu na pristup informacijama

Guidelines for Proactive Data Disclosure

The GONG Guidelines for Proactive Data Disclosure for Local and Regional Self-Government Units “Open Government and Citizens Trust” have been developed in cooperation with the Information Commission, and are intended for local and regional (regional) units to facilitate their use principles of good governance related to the transparency of their work and the manner of involvement of local communities in decision-making and local public policy enforcement.

Open Data for All: A Manual on Reuse of Information for Public Bodies;
Right to Access Information: Guide to Associations and Media

Associations and media are the most common beneficiaries of the right to information that helps them achieve their basic goals: promoting and advocating social values ​​and providing accurate and high quality information to the public. The Information Commissioner has developed this handy guide to help organizations and media in effectively gaining access to information.

Ostvari svoje pravo na informaciju: Vodič za korisnike Zakona o pravu na pristup informacijama