For the media

The Information Commissioner provides support to media and journalists in accessing information and regularly submits statements to the media, interviews and participates in the broadcasts on the call.

Obtaining access to information

Media can exercise the right of access to information through the Media Act or the Right on Access to Information Act. Media Act regulates the constitutionally guaranteed right of journalists to the information contained in Article 38, paragraph 3 of the Constitution of the Republic of Croatia (Official Gazette 85/10, revised text) . According to Article 6 of the Media Act, the head of the public authority or its spokesperson is obliged to provide the journalists with the requested information within the appropriate deadline, and shall be responsible for the accuracy of the information provided. Public authorities are required to provide accurate, complete and timely information on matters within their scope. The Information Commissioner is not responsible for the protection of rights under the Media Act, but may provide support in cases when journalists seek information under Right of Access to Information Act.

The Right of Access to Information Act guarantees the right of access to information to any natural or legal person, within the deadlines and procedures prescribed by the Act.

Education for journalists

Information Commissioner organises webinars for media and other users, which are held twice a year.

In co-operation with the Croatian Journalists’ Association, the Information Commissioner organises education for journalists on the exercise of the right to information access.

Also, the Information Commission is cooperating with higher education institutions for education of journalists, such as the Faculty of Political Science of the University of Zagreb.

Publications and multimedia

The Information Commissioner has published the publication entitled “Access to Information: A Guide for Associations and Citizens”,  which contains a number of useful tips and instructions to journalists to gain access to information.

  • More details on achieving access to information for media.

  • The Information Commissioner also published a specialized film for media and civil society organisations, which is available on the YouTube channel of the Information Commissioner.


The Information Officer also publishes a Media Newsletter, which provides a summary of decisions and opinions regarding the protection of the right to access to information, with a view to promoting the right to access information and the use of open information in journalism, particularly those of a research nature.

Up to now published media newsletters can be found in the Newsletters section.

Inquiries and information

The Information Commissioner provides answers and give opinions based on users’ inquiries.