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Public Relations

P Reuse of information and open data

Action on request

Your right to information and how to do it


  1. What is and how the Information Commission works, 
  2. Strengthening the capacity of public authorities, associations, media and citizens to implement the Law on Access to Information, 
  3. How to gain access to information – The Law on Access to Information in brief for Journalists, Associations and Other Users


Online Educational Video Materials for Officials in Public authorities

Proactive disclosure of information

Procedures for Access Information Requests

Public Relations

Test of proportionality and public interest

Transparency and openness of public authority

Online educational video material for users

Access to information for citizens

Access information to media and associations

The role of the right of access to information in achieving transparent and open government and the suppression of corruption

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Povjerenik za informiranje – Promo 2018

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Povjerenik za informiranje – Promo 2018