The Government of the Republic of Croatia adopted the Action Plan for the Implementation of the Open Government Partnership for the period up to 2020. at a session held on 20 December 2018. The new Action Plan envisages the implementation of 15 measures and 48 implementation activities that will be implemented by the end of August 2020 in 5 key areas, in the area of transparency, openness, participation of citizens / civil society in the process of drafting regulations and acts, implementation and monitoring public policies, the implementation of the goals of Open Government Partnership at local and regional levels, and the sustainability of the initiative.

The Information Commissione actively participates in the implementation of the Action Plan and the measures of the Action Plan, as the holder or as the creator of 16 measures, which include over 50 activities aimed at strengthening transparency and openness of the public authorities, and publishing and re-use of open data.